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Book TitleWhat Happens at the Lake
AuthorVi Keeland
Release DateJanuary 15, 2024
eBook FormatPDF & ePub

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What Happens at the Lake Book Description

The Palmer family went to the lake for a week of sun and fun, but Alex Palmer had other plans. He wanted his daughter to end her relationship with her shady boyfriend, he wanted his brother to make amends with their overbearing father, and most of all, he wanted them to be a family one last time before he faced his predicament at home.

But when evil materialized and a brutal double murder occurred, Alex’s focus shifted from wants to needs. He needed to find her, he needed to keep his family safe, and he needed to know what had happened at the lake. His pastor used to say, “God will not give you more than you can bear,” but this had nothing to do with God.

What Happens at the Lake Book Content:

Prologue: Ghazni Province, Afghanistan
Chapter 1: Alex and the Grudge
Chapter 2: Kristin and the Blue Balls
Chapter 3: Kristin and the Townie
Chapter 4: Alex and Suspicion
Chapter 5: Kristin and Ephesians 5:3
Chapter Alex and PTSD
Chapter 7: Kristin and Norris Lake
Chapter 8: Alex and the Ne’er-Do-Well
Chapter 9: Alex and Danger in Paradise
Chapter 10: Alex and the Island
Chapter 11: Alex and the Rope Swing
Chapter 12: Kristin and Pressure
Chapter 13: Alex and Indoor Plumbing
Chapter 14: Menace
Chapter 15: Alex and the Shit Show
Chapter 16: Alex and the Bridge
Chapter 17: Kristin and the Crime Scene
Chapter 18: Alex and the Shitter’s Full
Chapter 19: Alex and Their Civic Duty
Chapter 20: Alex and Bubba’s Brews
Chapter 21: Kristin and the Brewing Storm
Chapter 22: Alex and the Kayak
Chapter 23: Alex and the Sheriff
Chapter 24: Kristin and WWJD
Chapter 25: Alex and the Exam
Chapter 26: Man’s Best Friend
Chapter 27: Kristin and Curiosity
Chapter 28: The Mistake
Chapter 29: Alex and Missing
Chapter 30: Alex and from Bad to Worse
Chapter 31: Alex and the Confession
Chapter 32: Alex and Torture
Chapter 33: Alex and Chaos
Chapter 34: Alex and the Getaway
Chapter 35: Alex and the Arrest
Chapter 36: Alex and the Watcher
Chapter 37: Alex and the Accusation
Chapter 38: Alex and the Search
Chapter 39: Alex and the Aftermath
Chapter 40: Alex and Going Home
Chapter 41: Alex and the Funeral
Chapter 42: Alex and Obsession
Chapter 43: Alex and the Invitation
Chapter 44: Alex and the Destination Wedding
Chapter 45: Alex and the Puzzle
Chapter 46: Alex and 48-Hour Mystery
Chapter 47: Alex and MO
Chapter 48: Alex and Justice
Chapter 49: Alex and the Investigation
Chapter 50: Alex and Jackson Hole
Chapter 51: Alex and the Cabin
Chapter 52: Alex and Loyalties
Chapter 53: Alex and Reap What You Sow
Chapter 54: Alex and Blood’s Thicker than Water
Chapter 55: Alex and Harvey’s Gift
Chapter 56: Alex and Emma
Chapter 57: Alex and God’s Plan
Chapter 58: Alex and Popping Bubbles
Chapter 59: Alex and Blessed
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