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Is there a riddle involving ancient gods at the heart of what is happening in America and around the world? and that they’ve finally come back?

When it comes to Jonathan Cahn’s body of work, The Return of the Gods is the most explosive. No words could do justice to how shocking and eye-opening it is. Jonathan Cahn has made a name for himself by unraveling the baffling mysteries, many of them dating back to antiquity, that underpins and are being acted out in the happenings of our own day. But Cahn adds a whole new dimension with The Return of the Gods.

The Gods Have Come Back, Cahn takes the reader on a trip beginning with a fable from antiquity and ending with clues from Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian inscriptions about current events in the world, especially in the United States.

The divine is central to the mystery. Where do they come from, and who are they? Simply put: what are they? And may these entities, with their roots in antiquity, be the unseen drivers of contemporary culture?

Is it feasible that these deities are the driving forces behind the most significant current events, forces, and movements in the United States and the world? Are the gods currently reshaping America, its people, its institutions, and perhaps its very identity?

Could the days when the Supreme Court had to issue down judgements have been pinpointed by this mystery?

Who are the members of the Holy Trinity of Darkness?

Is it possible that what we in the twenty-first century dismiss as mythology truly contains truths beyond our comprehension?

Who exactly is the Possessor? A magician? Who is the Destroyer? What about the Sorceress?

Do the gods of Mesopotamia have anything to do with a symbol that has suddenly appeared in every country in the world? If so, what does that include exactly?

Is it possible that the gods actually came back to New York City and that old mythology actually took place on the streets?

Is it possible that the gods are responsible for everything from the content we see on our screens (computers, TVs, and movies), to the content of the lessons we learn in schools, to the dissolution of families, to wokism, the occult, our addictions, the Supreme Court, cancel culture, children’s cartoons, and every force and factor that has reshaped the definitions of gender, to the merchandise we sell (T-shirts, mugs, etc.), and even to Do unsolved riddles from the Middle East and ancient Mesopotamia lie at the root of all this? You’ll learn this and a tonne more that goes far beyond what’s possible to describe here.

Is it possibly feasible that the gods are intervening in your life at this very moment? To what extent is it detectable? What are your options in this situation?

If you’re looking for a book that will blow your mind, look no further than The Return of the Gods. The shocking realities and secrets behind what is happening right now in America and around the world will be exposed. In fact, you may even begin to reevaluate your own worldview. The Return of the Gods is a fascinating, amazing, mind-blowing adventure that will leave readers startled and able to see the world in new ways, with chapters like “The House of Spirits,” “The Avatar,” “The Masters,” “The Deep Magic,” and “The Day of the Goddess.”

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Name Of BookThe Return of the Gods
Author Jonathan Cahn
Release DateSeptember 6, 2022

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About The Author

In his best-selling book The Harbinger, Messianic Jewish pastor and rabbi Jonathan Cahn draws parallels between the United States and the September 11 attacks and ancient Israel and the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel. Specifically, he interprets Isaiah 9:10 as a prophetic warning directed against the United States. The sequel to The Harbinger was called The Harbinger Companion: With Study Guide.


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