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So Flocked by Sarah Estep Summary

In the aftermath of a wedding, the promise of secrecy surrounds a clandestine affair that unfolds in the confines of a decommissioned lighthouse. Jordy Taylor, a seasoned quarterback nearing the end of his football career, grapples with a career crossroads, where his team’s intentions clash with his desire to continue playing. Eager to escape his looming troubles and present a less desperate front, Jordy takes refuge in the tranquil enclave of Crane Cove. With his best friend’s wedding on the horizon, the decommissioned lighthouse seems the perfect hideaway—a haven that becomes unexpectedly eventful when he narrowly avoids an unintentional shower-related mishap involving the most forbidden woman he knows.

On the other side of this serendipitous rendezvous stands Annie Price, whose meticulously crafted ten-year plan lies in disarray. She had aspired to achieve her Ph.D., secure an engagement ring, and establish a stable career before reaching thirty. Yet, as her thirtieth birthday approaches, she has ticked only one of those boxes. Desperate to flee her shared apartment with her ex-boyfriend and job-hunt amid more inspiring surroundings, Annie seizes her cousin’s offer to stay at the lighthouse—a decision promising solace, peace, and, quite unexpectedly, a rather revealing encounter with a quarterback.

Following a passionate night together, Jordy and Annie find themselves at a crossroads, leading to an uncomplicated yet intense agreement: a few weeks of unattached fun. But as their connection deepens, parting ways becomes an increasingly formidable prospect. Jordy embodies everything Annie has longed for, while Annie represents the unattainable that Jordy believes is beyond his reach. With their life trajectories diverging, the question arises—can these two star-crossed lovers overcome the odds, or are they inevitably “so flocked”?

Genre: “So Flocked” by Sarah Estep is primarily classified as a Romantic Comedy.

Standalone Book: Yes, “So Flocked” by Sarah Estep is a great standalone novel that can be enjoyed independently.

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Novel Title:So Flocked
Author:Sarah Estep
Genre:Romantic Comedy
Publish Date:October 26, 2023
Size:2 MB
Status:Available for Download

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