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Secret Baby for Dr. Billionaire by Leah Mahon Summary

I found myself in an unexpected situation after a one-night encounter with a rather grumpy billionaire doctor. His attempt to charm me with an unsolicited drink was a classic move, but it definitely didn’t serve as a direct route to my heart. That is unless, of course, the individual executing this strategy happened to resemble him. His very presence had an uncanny ability to halt time, with his piercing hazel eyes radiating a blend of danger and desire. Dr. Benedict Hayes, a towering figure at 6’3, possessed a striking demeanor seasoned with salt-and-pepper hair. The only thing preventing me from dropping to my knees was the watchful gaze of every person in the bar.

Before long, we found ourselves at his place, where the night culminated in a passionate explosion reminiscent of the 4th of July fireworks. Now, I face the daunting task of sharing life-altering news that looms over me like an impending hurricane. The pivotal question that lingers is whether this revelation will ignite an intense inferno of emotions or leave us in a simmering state when he learns I’m carrying his child.

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Regarding the genre of “Secret Baby for Dr. Billionaire” by Leah Mahon, it primarily falls under the category of Sibling Fiction. Furthermore, if you’re wondering whether you can delve into this captivating book without prior knowledge of other works in the series, the answer is yes. “Secret Baby for Dr. Billionaire” is a standalone novel that offers an immersive and complete reading experience on its own, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a gripping story to enjoy.

Details About Secret Baby for Dr. Billionaire by Leah Mahon PDF

Novel Title:Secret Baby for Dr. Billionaire
Author:Leah Mahon
Genre:Sibling Fiction
Publish Date:September 16, 2023
Size:2 MB
Status:Available for Download

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