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One Night on The Island PDF: The book is beautifully written by Josie Silver and was published on May 3, 2022. The download link of the “one night on island” will be provided in pdf format, and we have also shared a short summary of the book, which will help you to understand the book’s content and chapters.

One night on island pdf contains all its chapters and a brief description of the characters used in the book. This book is also available as an audiobook so if love to listen to the books you can listen to this free on Audible

One Night on the Island PDF Summary

The main character of this novel is Cleo, a British author who is about to turn 30. She writes for a London dating column. After failing attempts of finding her “flamingo,” the one and only love, her agent offers to send her to a remote cabin in Salvation, an Irish island, for a new writing assignment.

The purpose is to re-energize, celebrate her singlehood, and self-couple, “Just like Emma Watson” as her agent says. Cleo arrives at the island, and she’s blown away by its beauty. As she gets settled in the cozy lodge, another person comes through the doorway; a strange American man, Mac, apparently a photographerfrom Boston.

Cleo’s plan of self-reflection and alone-time seems farther now than ever. The lodge was double-booked for two separate reservations. They both make the claim for the right to stay in the lodge. The lodge belongs to 
Mac’s family, so he was hoping to unwind and relax while he’s going through separation from  his wife.

When a big storm is in the forecast, the ferry service gets suspended, and they are forced to stay in the lodge together. How will Cleo write about self-love when  she’s stuck with Mac in the same room, and can’t have any alone-time? It is a rocky start for both of them.

As the days go by, they talk to each other fairly freely, since there is no expectation for romance. They share their past relationship experiences, fatherhood, and some personal preferences. There is some humor added to the storyline through Cleo and Mac’s dialogues, and also the effect of the eccentric residents of the island.

Silver also covers heavier subjects, such as divorce and identity. The island experience soon soon becomes a lot different than what Cleo anticipated. Would this island experience be transformative for both Cleo and Mac?

I encourage you to read and find out for yourself. This charming romantic comedy is actually the perfect island escape for spring.

One Night on The Island PDF Download Details

Book NameOne Night On The Island PDF
AuthorJosie Silver
Release Date03 May 2022

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