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Hook Line And Sinker Tessa Bailey PDF Download: The book was written by Tessa Bailey and will be publicly available on April 30, 2022, at Amazon and other ebook stores. The story of the book is completely unique, and the author, Tessa Bailey, proved that she is a true storyteller by presenting this beautiful Hook Line And Sinker PDF. We have provided all the possible links to Hook Line And Sinker pdf that will help you download Hook Line And Sinker pdf easily. 

Hook Line And Sinker PDF Summary

It is the second book in the Bellinger sister series the first one happened one summer came out last year and was one of my top reads for 2021 for rom-com romances because I freaking loved piper and Brendan. This one focuses on fox and Hannah.

Fox is Brendan’s first mate kind of like co-captain, Best friend from growing up and Hannah is piper’s younger sister.

We start off with Hannah and fox having kind of developed a little bit of a friendship from the first book they went to a record convention together and fox ended up sending Hannah a really really cool album that she wanted as kind of like a token of their friendship.

So this book starts off with Hannah having a crush on her director’s boss who was also present in the last book and she convinces him for the movie that they’re working on.

They need to go to Westport to film the movie because it will be more authentic and it will like to lend itself to the movie, So she convinces him to take everybody to Westport to film and she does this partly because she misses piper but also because she has been texting fox for the past seven months on and off every day and she misses him.

So that kind of starts the book of going it is very much alike friends to lovers and like a playboy turned around type trope we get to know a little bit more about fox Hannah in this book, So Hannah kind of at the very very beginning says that she is tired of being a side character like she really wants to try being a leading lady in her career,  and so she’s kind of doing things to make herself rise in her career. and the suggestion to go to Westport was one of them

 She really wants to be into music, especially music and film and so she’s trying to do things to help and promote herself in her career with music.

Fox on the other hand is being offered a bigger career captaining the del ray which Brendan is giving to him and is trying to push that responsibility away. So Hannah is going up and the fox is kind of going down for different reasons.

Hook Line And Sinker Tessa Bailey PDF Download

Book NameXX
AuthorTessa Bailey
Release DateApril 30, 2022

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About The Author

Tessa Bailey, New York Times bestselling author, aspires to three things: write hot and unforgettable character-driven romances; be a good mother, and one day, sneak onto the judging panel of a reality show baking competition. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her husband and daughter, where she spends her days writing and her evenings relaxing with a cheese plate and Netflix binges. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a sexy, heartfelt, humorous romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

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