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Causal Inference the Mixtape PDF Download

An accessible, contemporary introduction to the methods for determining cause and effect in the social sciences. Causal inference encompasses the tools that allow social scientists to determine what causes what. In a messy world, causal inference is what helps establish the causes and effects of the actions being studied―for example, the impact (or lack thereof) of increases in the minimum wage on employment, the effects of early childhood education on incarceration later in life, or the influence on the economic growth of introducing malaria nets in developing regions.

Scott Cunningham introduces students and practitioners to the methods necessary to arrive at meaningful answers to the questions of causation, using a range of modeling techniques and coding instructions for both the R and the Stata programming languages.

Cunningham explains things intuitively and without skipping steps this book is written for humans! I think this reflects the author’s confidence that people from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds can become well-informed and competent in methods of causal inference by walking through the logic of the models. While the technical material is in there as needed,

The key to the book is that a person can learn when and where to use different modeling techniques, and can practice this with the materials in the book (which address both Stata and R users). Cunningham’s enthusiasm for the studies he cites (and at times really digs into) is contagious.

Causal Inference the Mixtape PDF Details:

Name Of BookCausal Inference the Mixtape
AuthorScott Cunningham
Publication Yale University Press
Release Date23 March 2021

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About The Author

Scott Cunningham is a Baylor University economics professor. He is the co-editor of Oxford University Press’s The Handbook for the Economics of Prostitution. His research has generally focused on the economics of hazardous behaviors, with a particular emphasis on sex work, abortion legislation, and crime. His family and he live in Waco, Texas.

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