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In 1992, the Harshad Mehta scam led to profound changes in industry market regulation and infrastructure. One of these was setting up the NSE as a cleaner alternative to the century-old, scam- and faction-ridden BSE. In a supreme irony, NSE itself got embroiled in the algo scam originating in the Exchange’s sanctum sanctorum: the co-location servers for high-frequency trading.

Were systems deliberately weak to allow unfair access to certain brokers? Did NSE employees collude with them? Who was responsible? Here is the whole story of NSE’s commercial success leading to arrogance and a fall from grace, even as it continues to remain a highly profitable near-monopoly.

Absolute Power by Suchita Dala PDF Review

The book is astonishing in its display of issues with NSE and how the Indian public has been kept in dark by the worst finance minister ever for India..P Chidambaram…he is the only reason for the deep mistrust of the public on Indian stock market and equity sector and lack of options to the Indian public. As everyone knows, the UPA governments were a dark period in India’s history and lead to India not developing robust financial markets.

However, one (most probably) employee, one media person, one upright and intelligent HC judge, one academic person, a few well-meaning lawyers, and dogged perseverance exposed the rot in NSE in particular and Indian bureaucracy in general.

India should evolve towards class action suits. NSE profiteering and collusion with other profiteers (colo, dark link, blocking competition, and a free pass for certain individuals who were allowed to rig the system ideal candidate for a class action.

Absolute Power PDF Details:

Name Of BookAbsolute Power – Inside story of the National Stock Exchange’s amazing success, leading to hubris, regulatory capture, and algo scam
PublisherKensource Information Services
Author Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu
Release Date04 June 2021

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