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This book “Noise” addresses one of the biggest challenges adults in business have: discipline. Discipline is the opposite of Noise and the majority of business professionals wander about not committing to a disciplined approach to their career, their daily habits as well as their investment in their financial future. This is a monumental, gripping book. It is also bracing … The three authors have transformed the way we think about the world. They have looked beneath and beyond the way, we make decisions and organize our lives.

A follow-up of sorts to Thinking, Fast and Slow, it is a further step down the road towards a more complex and realistic grasp of human affairs that is replacing the crude simplifications of the recent past. Outstanding’ My only real complaint about the book is that is “assumes” you have already read or know the concepts in “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. They use the ideas around S1 and S2 before actually explaining them.

Noice A Flaw in Human Judgement PDF Review

A short introduction to the concepts earlier in the book would be useful to a larger audience. It will be easy for experts (say in statistics) to pick at what they have presented. Keep in mind this is not an academic scholarly paper but is aimed at practitioners and hopefully getting them to understand the weakness in typical decision making. Like “Thinking, Fast and Slow” they made no attempt, nor should they, to go in-depth on the underlying models like the neuroscience of decision making.

The authors of “Noise” say that “Noise is not a prominent problem. It is rarely discussed, and it is certainly less salient than bias.” (page 368) The late quality guru, W. Edwards Deming and thousands of his students, devoted a great deal of effort to identifying and reducing noise in systems.

Their term for noise was “common causes of variation,” by which Deming meant the many variables normally active in a system, and which Deming thought accounted for 94 % of the system’s variation. (Deming, “Out of the Crisis,” 1986, p. 315) Reducing the variation in common causes promised the biggest payoff in improvement.

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Name of BookNoice A Flaw in Human Judgement
Author NameDaniel Kahneman
PublisherWilliam Collins
Total Pages464

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About the Author

Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli psychologist and economist notable for his work on the psychology of judgment and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics, for which he was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. He is the sole author of the international bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow.

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