Most Kind Hearted Girl in Patna – Isha

 Isha: A BBM student from Patna (Bihar), She is so beautiful and so kind. . She have all the qualities of a sweet girl and overloaded with positive vibes. She is so friendly and even I can proudly say that she is my favourite person.

She has a Cute Dog and her name is Julie. She loves her more then anyone. Julie is a true gift for her.

She have many dreams to be complete. She wants to join Indian Army. She likes reading books. She entitled by the Novelfreak tag.

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Most Kind Hearted Girl For me Full Name

Isha Rani

Most Kind Hearted Girl in Patna – Isha

Date of Birth 16 Dec
Place of Birth Jharkhand
Birth Name Isha
Name of Cute Dog Julie
 Occupation Student (BBM)
 Fav Hobby Books Reading, Painting

Most Kind Hearted Girl in Patna Goodness

  • She is my favorite person to talk to. Thank you for listening with a caring heart
  • I trust and value her opinion. She makes insightful observations
  • She makes me want to be better and better every day
  • Her presence warms the coldest heart
  • She Always Make Me Feel So Comfortable
  • She is always the highlight of my day
  • She always know the perfect thing to say
  • She makes a huge difference in the lives of those around her.
  • Her beautiful smile brightens my day
  • I start my day with her on my mind and End my day with her in my Dreams

Most Kind Hearted Girl in Patna – Images

I can’t share her picture for some privacy reasons. So I am sorry for that. But I described all the qualities of her.



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