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It Happened One Summer PDF by Tessa Bailey is an absolutely fantastic novel with a unique storyline and characters. The story of the novel “It Happened One Summer” is completely fictional and seeks the attention of readers. It is a highly recommended novel for summer reading. You can download the complete novel in pdf format here by following this article carefully.

It Happened One Summer PDF Summary

Tessa Bailey creates pure magic in her writing! It Happened One Summer has it all, heartwarming romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and scorching hot chemistry between the lovable socialite and the sexy ship captain.

It’s essentially Schitt’s Creek fan fiction in this novel book. The heroine is based on the show’s Alexis character. Alexis is the wealthy Rose family’s airhead daughter from New York City. The family ran out of money and ended up in Schitt’s Creek, a small backwater town. It’s the classic “fish out of water” tale. It’s absolutely hilarious. Alexis, on the other hand, is the least interesting of the characters.

Piper Bellinger, the rather worthless stepdaughter of a wealthy Academy Award-winning Hollywood producer, is the Alexis character in this book. She’s a modern-day Paris Hilton, an obnoxious social media influencer who is famous for being famous. Because Piper is so annoying, it’s difficult to get past the first few chapters.

Piper’s stepfather sends her to Westport, Washington, after she is arrested. It’s not the same as Schitt’s Creek. It’s a lot more pleasant. Because she meets Brendan, a sea captain, this story remains a “fish out of water” story.

They are polar opposites who fall in love, and Piper is forced to confront her shallow, self-absorbed past. Her transformation is eerily similar to Alexis Rose’s. Regrettably, there was never a time when I was concerned about Piper. She never progresses beyond a fan fiction version of Alexis.

Details About It Happened One Summer PDF

Name of BookIt Happened One Summer
AuthorTessa Bailey
Release Date13 July 2021
Book TypePDF, ePub

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About Author

Tessa Bailey can solve all problems except her own, so she spends her time writing about obstinate fictional blue-collar men and lovable heroines. She lives on Long Island, where she avoids the sun and social interactions and then wonders why no one has contacted her. Tessa writes with spice, spirit, swoon, and a guaranteed happily ever after, earning her the moniker “Michelangelo of dirty talk” from Entertainment Weekly.

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