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Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF Free Download: The book was written by Tessa Bailey and is publicly available on DD at Amazon and other ebook stores. The story of the book is completely unique, and the author, Tessa Bailey, proved that she is a true storyteller by presenting this beautiful Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF. We have provided all the possible links to Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF that will help you download Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF easily.

Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF Book Summary

Hannah Bellinger had always been more of a supporting actress than a leading lady. The hype girl If she’d lived in Regency England, she would be the second at every duel, but never wield the pistol. That distinction was never more obvious than now, as she sat in the dark audition room watching a girl with pure leading-lady material emote as if her life depended on it.

Hannah’s hands disappeared into the sleeves of her sweatshirt like twin turtles ducking into their shells, her hidden fingers curling around the clipboard in her lap. Here it came. The big finale. Across the Storm Born production studio, their lead actor ran through a scene with their final actress hopeful of the day. Since eight A.M., the studio had been a revolving door of wide-eyed ingénues, and didn’t it figure that not a single one of them would click with Christian until Hannah was past the point of starving, her mouth tasting like stale coffee?

Such was the life of a production assistant. “You forgot to trust me,” the redhead whispered brokenly, tears creating trails of mascara down her cheeks. Dang, this girl was the fire. Even Sergei, the writer, and director of the project were held in a rare thrall, the tip of his glasses inserted between his full, dreamy lips, that ankle crossed over the opposite knee, jiggling, jiggling.

That was his I’m impressed posture. After two years of working as his production assistant—and nursing a long-unrequited crush on the man—Hannah knew all his tells. And this redhead could bet the rent on getting cast in Glory Daze. Sergei turned to Hannah where she huddled in the corner of the freezing conference room and raised an exciting black eyebrow.

The shared moment of triumph was so unexpected, that the clipboard slid off her lap and clattered to the ground. Flustered, she reached for it but didn’t want to lose the moment with the director, so she jackknifed and gave Sergei a thumbs-up. Only to remember her thumb was trapped inside the sleeve of her sweatshirt, creating a weird, starfish-looking gesture that he missed, anyway, because he’d turned back around.

Hannah replaced the clipboard in her lap and pretended to write Very Serious notes. Thank God it was dark in the rear of the studio. No one could see the tomato-colored tidal wave surging up her neck. “End scene!” Sergei crowed, standing up from the table of producers that faced the audition area to deliver a slow clap. “Extraordinary.

Simply extraordinary.” The redhead, Maxine, beamed while simultaneously trying to wipe away her dripping mascara with the hem of her black T-shirt. “Oh wow. Thank you.” “That felt fine.” Christian sighed, signaling Hannah for his cold brew.

Hook Line and Sinker Book PDF Details

Book NameHook Line and Sinker
AuthorTessa Bailey
GenreLove, Romance
Release Date1 March 2022
Book TypePDF, ePub

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About the Author: Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey, a New York Times bestselling author, concentrates her efforts on stubborn, fictional blue-collar men and devoted, endearing heroines because she can solve all problems but her own. She avoids the sun and social interactions by living on Long Island, then she wonders why no one has called. Tessa writes with spice, spirit, swoon, and a guaranteed happily ever after, earning the moniker “Michelangelo of dirty talk” from Entertainment Weekly.

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