Be a Triangle Lilly Singh PDF Download Free

Be a Triangle Lilly Singh PDF

Book Name: Be a Triangle

AuthorLilly Singh
Release Date5 April 2022
Be a Triangle Lilly Singh

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Be a Triangle Lilly Singh PDF Summary

Shetty, Jay “I identified with so many aspects of this book. It’s a lesson in accepting yourself exactly as you are while believing you have limitless potential to become whatever you want to be.” Rupi Kaur’s “I appreciate her straightforward and practical advice on achieving happiness.

Kaling, Mindy The New York Times best-selling author of How to Be a Bawse returns with an honest, funny, and inspiring guide to discovering your truest and happiest self. “It’s time to turn the right side up. It’s time for the title of this book to make sense. It’s time to act like a triangle.

Even world-famous actress, author, and creator Lilly Singh admits that life can be frustrating at times. Lilly creates a safe space in this book for readers to learn how to create a sense of peace within themselves. Without sugarcoating adversity, including Lilly’s intensely personal struggles with identity, success, and self-doubt, she teaches listeners to “unsubscribe” from cookie-cutter ideals.

Lilly instructs listeners to “be a triangle” with her signature blend of vulnerability, insight, and humor: You must lay a solid foundation for your life, one that can be expanded upon but never fundamentally altered or destroyed. As she puts it, we must always find a way to return to ourselves: “we must create a place, a set of beliefs, a simple set of priorities to come back to should live, which it will lead us astray.

” Lilly pushes you to adjust your mindset and change the conversations you have with yourself, much like a wise, empathetic friend who always keeps you honest. The end result is a deeply humane, entertaining, and uplifting guide to becoming a true “miracle for the world.”

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