A Ticket to Syria Shirish Thorat PDF

A Ticket to Syria Shirish Thorat PDF book is a captivating novel that delves into the world of the ISIS group. This PDF book offers a complete narrative that explores the intricate dynamics and experiences surrounding this powerful organization. We are pleased to present you with the opportunity to download “A Ticket to Syria” in PDF format directly from this page, allowing you to delve into its pages and immerse yourself in its compelling story.

A Ticket to Syria, Shirish Thorat PDF

Below the clear blue sky in the Maldives, a scary creature is moving towards Syria to be born. Zahi has always lived a normal life until one day, when she goes on a family vacation but ends up in the dangerous and troubled lands of Syria. Without knowing it, Zahi and her family have joined a group called the Islamic State, which is involved in a war.

In this dangerous place, where saying the wrong thing can lead to death and there is no help, she manages to contact her brother back home. This starts a series of lies, bravery, and sadness as she tries to escape. This book tells a shocking story about the secret activities of the Islamic State. It shows how they are able to convince many people to join their terrible cause. The story is based on real events and describes in a horrifying way how the Islamic State works and what drives them.

It gives a true picture of life under their rule and will make you think carefully and question your beliefs. This book combines careful research with an exciting plot, making it a must-read. In a world where Islamic fundamentalism is causing violence, “A Ticket to Syria” is a thrilling and true story that will make you uncomfortable.

PDF Book NameA Ticket to Syria: A Story About the ISIS in Maldives
AuthorShirish Thorat
No. Of Pages252
Release Date10 December 2017

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